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Every design and development problem starts with real-world, business-oriented answers to "Why?".We formulate these goals together and then use our expertise to find the sweet spot between realistic and impactful.

- Discovery Workshops
- Design + Technology Audits
- Stakeholder Alignment
- Benchmarking + SMART Goal Setting

Our process

After the goals comes the strategy.
We create this with you by examining your user stories and data, challenging all assumptions.
Then we deploy and build out the team, plan, and timeline.
We keep the scope reasonable and flexible so we can stay agile and reactive.

Target group definition1/5
A target group is a group of people who are eligible to buy a product or use a service because they have a need for it and the solution also matches their attitudes and values. The need may already be concrete, but it may also be a need that has yet to be awakened.
Impact Mapping2/5
Impact mapping is a method by which organizations attempt to align the people and activities involved in the development of products with a common business goal. The goal of impact mapping is to make better decisions during development through strategic planning and clear communication in order to develop a product or software, or to carry out a project that makes a difference - an "impact".
Digital strategy3/5
Digital strategy is defined as a company's strategic plan that focuses on the application of digital technologies. It is part of the overall business strategy. The goal is to increase the company's success through the use of digital technologies and to develop new business opportunities.
Project Management + Development4/5
The task of project management is to achieve defined goals in a cost-efficient manner within a given timeframe.
Team Resourcing + Onboarding5/5
Through project management, the right team is set up for your project.

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Many customers consider this to be the first step - which they have hired us to do from the beginning.
We sprint from proof of concept to a product with minimal viability to a production-ready release, focusing on the components with the highest value and impact.

Roadmapping + Prioritisation1/4
The creation of a roadmap is a continuous process. A roadmap is used to structure long-term goals into individual, more manageable steps.
Design Sprints2/4
Sprint Planning
Daily Scrum
Sprint Review
Sprint Retrospective
Proof of Concept3/4
A Proof of Concept (PoC) is an important milestone in project development. It creates the basis for further work by confirming the project concept. It therefore serves as a decision-making basis for the further course of the project. At the same time, it enables risks to be identified and minimized.
A Minimum Viable Product(MVP), literally a "minimally usable or viable product", is the first minimally functional iteration of a product that serves to learn from user feedback as quickly as possible and thus prevent undesirable developments past user requirements.

Our toolbox

We insist on having the right tools to bring new digital innovations to market quickly. Here's a list of the tools we have at our disposal.    
T → 001
Design thinking
Agile development
Creative sprints
Digital first strategy
T → 002
PHP & Laravel
T → 003
Product development
Digital design
User experience
Mobile app design
User interface design
Code and web-development
User testing
T → 004
Product launches
Employer branding
Brand platforms
Digital campaigns
Film & motion graphics
Online storytelling

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